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Welcome to my website!

My name's Rae (she/they). I'm a silly moth that likes to make a buncha cool stuff! Luckily, other people seem to find it pretty cool as well. Anyway, welcome! Take a look around — there's plenty of rad stuff to find and play! Games, art, other miscellaneous things... who knows!

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Board the helm of Starship HEXA, and conquer the universe the only way you know how: shapes.

Conquer the HEXAPLEX, wrangle those Power-ups, and maybe even become ruler of the universe along the way in HEXA, a triangle-matching puzzle game with gameplay that's dead-simple, but tons of fun. With an action-packed Arcade Mode, a low-stakes Chill Mode, and a Daily Run with dynamic leaderboards.

Coming Soon

Latest Happenings

06.18.2024 — First in... Line? just released in Playdate Catalog!! Get out there and break a leg!

06.16.2024 — New blog post! Find out how to make a radical exit animation for your Playdate game.

06.08.2024 — BOATY 2024! RowBot Rally had a brief spot in the Wholesome Games direct! Check out the simulcast on the Game Awards channel!

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RowBot Rally — A top-notch top-down boat racer, coming to Playdate later this year. Wishlist it today!