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Welcome to my website!

My name's Rae (she/they). I'm a silly moth that likes to make a buncha cool stuff! Luckily, other people seem to find it pretty cool as well. Anyway, welcome! Take a look around — there's plenty of rad stuff to find and play! Games, art, other miscellaneous things... who knows!

Featured Project

First in... Line?

Made for PlayJam 5

"It's opening night, and our lead star dropped out! Can you memorize these lines REALLY quickly?"

Memorize your lines, take to the stage and try not to flub it too hard as you fill in for the lead role in First in... Line?, a fun endless game made just for Playdate! The original version was completed over the course of just a day and a half, during PlayJam 5.

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Latest Happenings

06.08.2024 — BOATY 2024
RowBot Rally had a brief spot in the Wholesome Games direct! Check out the simulcast on the Game Awards channel!

05.21.2024 — Some nice feature art I made for jump rope STAR! on Playdate just premiered in the Catalog, go check it out!

05.14.2024 — Got to make some nice new feature art for PlayBook, a cranky ebook reader for Playdate.

You should check out

RowBot Rally — A top-notch top-down boat racer, coming to Playdate later this year. Wishlist it today!