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Want some cool art?

Wahey, good choice! If you drop me a line at my e-mail address (shown below) with what you're looking for and a deadline, I'll get back to you soon™ and we can talk shop. If you're interested in anything, please contact me at this e-mail:


(Response and overall commission times may vary based on my workload; it may take me a little bit to get back to you. Thank you for your patience!)

No solicitors, please! — If you just wanna contact me about anything else, though, this e-mail address is also a great way to get in touch! Also consider a private message over Mastodon.

Examples of past works

Some really nice feature art for Reel-istic Fishing, on Playdate — view the game's page to see it.

Some more nice art for Jolly Chimp Champ, on Playdate — check out the game's page over here.

Even more cozy art for Playbook, a Playdate ereader app — you can see it over here.

Great testimonials from past customers on my Ko-Fi page — here's a link to that!

View all the art I've ever made(...ish) in Expert Mode — everything, everywhere, every time.