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Board the helm of Starship HEXA, and conquer the universe the only way you know how: shapes.

Conquer the HEXAPLEX, wrangle those Power-ups, and maybe even become ruler of the universe along the way in HEXA, a triangle-matching puzzle game with gameplay that's dead-simple, but tons of fun. With an action-packed Arcade Mode, a low-stakes Chill Mode, and a Daily Run with dynamic leaderboards.

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First in... Line?

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"It's opening night, and our lead star dropped out! Can you memorize these lines REALLY quickly?"

Memorize your lines, take to the stage and try not to flub it too hard as you fill in for the lead role in First in... Line?, a fun endless game made just for Playdate! The original version was completed over the course of just a day and a half, during PlayJam 5.

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RowBot Rally

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So you wanna enter the Fish Bowl — the biggest boat-racing event of the year. But! Evil RowBots have taken over the entire circuit, and the competition’s only getting worse. It's up to one bunny, and their scrap RowBot pal, to renew the sport's former glory.

You gotta Use the Crank™, tandem-row with a junkyard left-turnin' RowBot of your own, and put a stop to Robo-X, the evil-bot-making corpo-conglomerate. Can you win back the spirit of the Fish Bowl and, perhaps more importantly, that big golden trophy?

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There's other stuff, too

Horder Up! — A food-based twin-"stick" shooter. Rae on vocals, Voxy on drums. Coming to Playdate at some point.

Moth Rotatotron 3D — A super quick test of 3D pre-rendering on Playdate, featuring a moth in 360º of pure glory. Download it here.