A super simple one-time tool that tells you your Playdate's hardware revision.

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Some time in early-ish 2023, Playdate underwent a hardware revision, with a different underlying CPU. Early Playdates are known as Rev A, and later Playdates (those shipped roughly after pre-order Group 4 started) are known as Rev B. This app lets you check once-and-for-all which revision your Playdate is!

What does that mean for me? What changes if I'm on a specific revision?

Hopefully...nothing! By design, both hardware revisions are intended to function exactly the same. No one is more powerful than the other, and no one has more features than the other. It's just a new chip, to make production easier and faster.

However, there have been some stray cases of disparity between the two hardware revs. For optimal testing, it would be good for a dev to know which revision some player's experiencing an issue on, as that could help to narrow it down. Currently, there's no native way to check — and that's where Rev Checker steps in!