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Let's face it: you're a bit of an avid Playdate photographer. Whenever you find something funny, unexpected, or just plain cool, you take a screenshot of it! But don't you wish there was an easy way to keep tabs on your screenshots, straight from the device?

Well, that's where Scrapbook enters the picture! Using (not-really-)patented shenanigan technology™, this app lets you peek at all the screenshots you have saved on your Playdate, straight from the device! No extra setup necessary.

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Rev Checker

This one-time tool lets you see your Playdate's hardware revision. What's that supposed to mean? Hopefully nothing — it's just a CPU swap that was performed in the middle of pre-orders. But it's handy to know for sure which camp you fall into, for the odd debug. The website has more info about the chip swap, as well as the app download.

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Wanna make a game, but not sure where to start regarding themes, control schemes, or really anything? This tool will help you out.

It's really intended for the Game Builder Garage engine, but honestly it could work for almost any with some tweaks. Find some inspiration, enjoy the confetti, and see if you can't spot some easter eggs along the way.

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There's other stuff, too

Index OS — An alternate launcher for Playdate, featuring folders and custom sorting. Handshake with scratchminer. Find it here.

Crankyboard — In its prime, the premier way to view Playdate game scoreboards. Now, a fun archive. Check it outski.

Moth Rotatotron 3D — A super quick test of 3D pre-rendering on Playdate, featuring a moth in 360º of pure glory. Download it here.

Mobile Game Name Generator — Ever need a killer name for that medieval civilization-building mobile game idea burning a hole in your pocket? Click here to get one quick.